ProWein 2018


Southern Spirits team was back at the ProWein 2018, in Düsseldorf on the hunt for current trends, new treasures and to actively support our partners BUSS and Bareksten.

With more than 6,000 exhibitors from over 60 countries, the fair offered a diverse and exciting variety of wines and spirits. Several new findings from approximately 400 exhibitors of spirits showed us clearly that gin is still in vogue and keeps on rising! The specially designed Hall 7 presented many exotic new gin, whiskey as well as craft beer and drinks. The topic of "organic product" shows the growing demand in this direction, and as a consequence more manufacturers have dealt intensively with the origin of their ingredients to produce more sustainable products while increasing the quality of spirits.

BUSS Spirits from Belgium and the Oss Craft Distillery (Bareksten) from Norway, two of our top partners, were at the show exhibiting their new products as well their existing portfolio.

Serge Buss, personally presented two new variants of Shack Rum which will definitely fortify the success story of the Shack Super Spiced Rum. Shack Honey stands out, as the name suggests, with its intense honey note and the mild appearance on the palate. Shack Orange is a more classic rum with subtle orange elements.

The creators of Bareksten Botanical Gin (OSS Craft Distillery) give even more expression now to their strong Scandinavian personality, presenting a spirit which is back in spotlight: the Aquavit. Traditional and mystical as the brand's popular gin; Bareksten Botanical Aquavit continues to enhance the intensity of natural ingredients such as potatoes, star anise, fennel, Scandinavian herbs in combination with a fine citrus note and an alcohol content of 40%.

The newly arrivals from both manufacturers will be available soon in our portfolio. Furthermore, we will soon also have other new acquisitions from different categories.

In summary, the world of spirits keeps on driving excitement and bringing us great new tastes! We are already looking forward to the ProWein 2019. Luckily, until then there are several others on the way: the 069 Spirits, the Gin Festival 2018, the GIN A'FAIR, the Osthfen Festival, Be Dandy, BCB, German Rum Festival ....


Southern Spirits Team.

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