Broken Heart Gin

Broken Heart Gin

Broken Heart Gin is a homage to friendship. It’s about how important a friend can be in one’s life and how hurting it is when it’s that time to say goodbye…

The story of Broken Heart Gin begins with two Germans living in New Zealand’s Southern Alps; Joerg was a pilot and Bernd an engineer. Both philosophers and committed Master Distillers, they formed their friendship around a still and a passion for perfecting spirits of rare complexity and fine flavours.

They spent three years shaping their recipe to create a superb gin– an intricate balance of eleven botanicals and surprisingly good with a twist of orange. But life is no straight line. Bernd fell gravely ill, fought bravely, then sadly died. Where once had been a life that felt like it would go on forever, now were broken hearts.

With time passing by and Joerg healing his broken heart, he realized that it was the moment for a new beginning, like a gin at dusk, a moment of in-between. And so, he decided to share the superb gin with the world and to call it Broken Heart for him: a homage to friendship, a gin to enjoy the moments of in-between with the loved ones.

In the distillation of Broken Heart gin, 11 botanicals are used: Orange blossom, Italian juniper, lemon peel, coriander, lavender, angelica root, hop, ginger, pimento and 2 more; which are being kept as a secret by Joerg.

Broken Heart Gin’s taste is a reflection of beautiful New Zealand.  The finest glacier water from Queenstown is used to give fresh crispness which acts as a refreshing canvas for the botanicals to shine through. The juniper presence is strong, giving pine notes on the nose; emanating the winter-time Otago landscape. For earthiness, Nelson grown hops with Angelica Root are combined to pay an homage to a typical feature of kiwi life; fresh hearty produce and good beer.  And it also represents the importance of  genever in the history of gin. When it comes to spicy category, they are unwilling to reveal their secrets but only hinting that pimento and ginger work together as core drivers: Balancing the earthy flavours by giving it more oomph without dominating the overall profile. Last but not least, lavender wild-grown in New Zealand’s South Island flirts with the palate by balancing the robust flavours with something far more delicate.

Broken Heart has three new versions now:

The Barrel Aged Gin is a blend of 70% Broken Heart Gin with 30% Navy strength to create the base for the barrel aged gin. After blending, it is aged for 6 months in old French Chardonnay Barrels to develop complex aromas and a deeper colour. It has a very smooth texture offering a myriad of botanicals on the nose, including classic aromas of juniper berry and coriander supported by floral notes and a delicate spice. On the palate it is moreish and warming with a lightly toasted oak character from the chardonnay barrels with a lingering finish.

The Quince Gin is linked to love, fertility & immortality. A junipery golden elixir of life with quince macerated in gin & pressed. It is best paired with cheese & fruit.

And Rhuharb Gin is redefinition of Broken Heart with rhubarb.


You can’t find a better gin  than Broken Heart for cherishing the moment with the loved ones!