Hernö- The Distillery

Hernö Gin is the most awarded gin in Europe 2013–2017, and was honoured with the World’s best Gin 2017 and 2018. Also honoured with the World’s best London Dry Gin 2017, World’s best Gin & Tonic 2016 and Gin Producer of the Year 2016 and 2017. Hernö Gin has been awarded a total of 80 Master and Gold medals in the world’s biggest spirit competitions.

2017 was an outstanding year for Hernö. The distillery won “Double Gold” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), twice Best of Category at the American Distilling Institute (ADI) and a gold medal at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge (ISC). Shortly, Hernö Gin is the absolute top winner and medalist at the six largest international competitions in the world.


Apart from international competitions, Hernö was rated by the top 50 bars in the world as “Top Trending Spirits Brand 2016” in “All Spirits” category and “Top Trending Gin Brand 2016”. The review was a part of the annual World’s Best Bar Report, which reports on cocktail traditions and trends of the best bars in the world. The report polls more than 400 professional bartenders each year.

Hernö Gin was founded in 2011 in Dala, a small village outside the Härnösand town in Ångermanland, Sweden. By the time, it was the first dedicated gin distillery in Sweden and the northernmost in the world. The distillery is a traditional wooden mansion in red and white, loyal to the Swedish traditions. The Höga Kusten, as the area is called, is a real natural beauty, announced as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inspired by this beauty, the Hernö Gin was created as a truly organic, hand-made gin with the best botanicals. In 2016, the Hernö Gin Distillery was named "Boutique Distiller" of the year.

For the production of the award-winning Hernö Gin, botanicals from all over the world are carefully selected, all of which are certified organic: Juniper berries from Hungary, Coriander seeds from Bulgaria, Lemon that we peel by hand, Lingon berries from Sweden, Meadowsweet from the United Kingdom, Black Pepper from India, Cassia from Indonesia and fresh Vanilla from Madagascar. Local honey from the northern Swedish forests, the MittBi region, is used for Hernö Old Tom Gin. The bees collect the nectar in the woods and meadows; mainly raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and fireweed.

For the distillation of Hernö Gin only Swedish natural water, which is known for its outstanding quality, is used. Cold groundwater seeps into the hundreds of years old, natural cold springs and is filtered through tons of sand and gravel. The result is highly pure and fresh northern water, an absolutely necessary ingredient to craft the award-winning gin.

In summary, Hernö Gin stands for a high-quality, hand-crafted organic gin, which has already received numerous awards in top competitions at international level. It is a definite must for every lover’s collection.