Hernö Navy Strength Gin

HERNÖ navy strength gin

Hernö Navy Strength Gin is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin. The difference is water. It is diluted the Navy Strength Gin to 57% (of course) while Hernö Gin is diluted down to 40,5%. However, the difference regarding the sense of aroma and taste is very clear. Hernö Navy Strength Gin gets bolder juniper, coriander, citrus and overall richer in flavour.

Navy Strength was born as a caution to avaricious gin distillers and merchants. A diluted gin was unacceptable for the officers of Royal British Navy and soon they discovered that gunpowder smoked or failed to light when diluted gin was poured on. And gunpowder was only ignited when a 57% AbV gin was poured. Hence, it became knowns as Navy Strength in a short time.

Hernö Navy Strength Gin was awarded with triple Master medals at the Global Gin Masters on 2013, 2014 and 2017. And in 2016, it won the gold medal from IWSC.