Hernö Old Tom Gin

hernö old tom gin

Hernö Old Tom Gin has an extra amount of Meadowsweet in the distillation than Hernö Gin and Hernö Navy Strength Gin. And after diluting it down to 43%, a touch of honey is added. The sweetening of Old Tom lifts the floral notes, releases an array of juniper and makes it even smoother.

Old Tom Gin origins from 18th century England. A black wooden cat placed outside pubs was used both to buy and serve the illegal beverage. According to the legend, when a penny was placed in the cat’s mouth the gin was served through a tube hidden in one of the paws.

Hernö Old Tom Gin has received 2 years in a row “World’s Best Gin Award” in 2017 and 2018. Besides, it won 2016 Grand Master and Outstanding Award at the International (IWSC) 2015.