KLIPPENZIEGE- mate dry gin

A pioneering juniper distillation joins the gin world from the Rhine metropolis of Düsseldorf. Among its botanicals probably you would know only the cereal. As the first Mate gin from Germany, Klippenziege Mate Dry Gin uses the Latin-American vitamin bomb Physalis, which gives the drink a refreshing fruity note. Goji berries and the caffeinated yerba mate complete this extraordinary taste. Among the ingredients; lemon balm, cilantro, wolfberry and rose petals can be counted while the rest remains as a mystery.

All these unique botanicals shape the soul of Klippenziege and make it unique. The traditional distillery Eicker & Callen, which always has emphasized the exquisiteness, has been burning in the heart of the Ruhrgebiet since 1889. This handcrafted gin has even a handmade bottle and cork. Briefly, Klippenziege Mate Dry Gin honors the label "Made in Germany" one more time.