Marketing Services


Whether you aim to robust your business in Germany’s  or Spain’s spirits industry or to gain entry to one of these markets, or  launch a new product; it always a big challenge with many facets: market research, brand positioning, brand communication, regulatory compliance, unfamiliar cultures, customer behavior and more…


As Southern Spirits, our mission is to provide marketing consulting services to support you in reaching your goals. We develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy which lets you operate in an effective and profitable way and  robust your business.

Brands we work with:

Our Services:


Market Research:

  • Examination of industry: Market reports  on demographics, trends, customer behavior, sales, market conditions and regulations.
  • Competition Analysis: Competitor Offerings, Market Share, Pricing, and assortment of promotional materials. 

Brand Communication:

  • Target Audience Definition
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo, Packaging & Website Design
  • Photography Style
  • Definition of Marketing Mix and Brand Positioning
  • Effective Promotional Techniques
  • Events & Fair

Development of long term Category Strategy:

  • Portfolio Optimization
  • New Products Pipeline
  • Set up Creative Direction
  • Definition of Pricing Corridors

Performance Tracking:

  • Continuous sales analysis and adjusting the marketing strategy
  • Evaluation of performance KPIs over time

Marketing Budget Creation

Regulatory Compliance: Fulfillment of Trade Laws and Tax Implications.