Marlin Spike


Rum, but not as you know it…

The name Marlin Spike:

The age-old French word for knitting, inspired the British Navy to name the expert nautical tool and dagger a MarlinSpike. It became a symbol of seaman proficiency, daring pioneership, and because of its controlled power and grace, even the marlin-fish. The symbolism of the Marlin spike is expressed in our credo: a posse ad esse. The impossible made possible.

MarlinSpike is blended and aged for complexity:

  • The noble base comes from matured rums from Trinidad & Tobago

  • Combined with aged rum from Barbados to further establish the flavor contrast.

  • The depth of flavor comes from an aged pot-stilled rum of Jamaica

  • A fourth rum from yet another Latin American country gives it its magical and unique freshness

The aroma notes of Marlin Spike:

  • Fruitiness: banana, green-apple, and tropical fruit

  • Spice: strong clove and vanilla undertones

  • Only a hint of Floral: rose and honey

The perfect serve, endorsed by and proven by 5 molecular analysis of

MarlinSpike will lift up your tonic mix and enhance active exuberance. Mixing this golden liquid with tonic-water will present you a visual champagne-like experience.


Next to tonic MarlinSpike proved to mix beautifully with Ginger Beer, Darjeeling tea, Columbian coffee, chocolate and many more surprising ingredients.

Allowing to experience a new taste dimension when drunk simple over ice, lifting existing rum cocktails and allowing the creation of entirely new cocktails with unexpected pairing opportunities.