Shack Rum


The ancient heartlands of Haiti is the origin of Shack Rum. Serge Buss traced this recipe back to the 1940’s. It is a dark and raw flavour from the depths of the forest; especially made for interaction with the spirits. Each bottle contains a little of original Haitian voodoo, perfect for replenishing your own reservoir of mystical powers. Shack Rum is perfectly suited for all your rituals and trances dedicated to love, good fortune and healing. Keep it on your altar at any time and cast your own spells. It is a natural formula refined by Serge Buss that rekindles the very essentials of rum distilling. Small batches made of sacred ingredients and blessed with pure magic.

The Shack Super Spiced Rum is distilled in Haiti and matured for 5 years in old sherry oak barrels. In taste, it is a Caribbean blend with fruity, sweet and spicy notes and in color, it has a golden color. It is distilled with the finest sugar cane from Trinidad, Barbados and Guatemala which is enriched with purely natural ingredients such as cinnamon, star anise, lime zest or vanilla from Madagascar. The Shack Super Spiced Rum is available in a stylish, dark bottle. It is an ideal companion for mixed drinks, but also can be a neat pleasure.