About Us

We, at Southern Spirits, would like to share our passion for finest quality spirits with you.


It all began more than 10 years ago, which was a hobby with a lot of passion, by then. With the import of honey rum, we brought a piece of holiday blues from the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands to the home of our customers. Since then, we have slowly and steadily expanded our product range with selected spirits and improved our logistics.


In 2014, we turned our hobby into a profession and established our own business unit. In the following three years, the demand steadily increased. With the re-founding of Southern Spirits GmbH in 2017, we have restructured our processes to reach even more customers and make our service even more professional.


Today, Southern Spirits offers a wide selection of premium spirits from different countries, fast and efficient logistics and an excellent customer service. Our concept is not  only the mere import and distribution of the products, but also local marketing and brand building. With tastings, special events and trade fair appearances, we support our manufacturers in building their brands. Our portfolio is even shaped considering this aim: Special  crafted products which are not widely available and different from the main stream products.


From its early days as a hobby to today as company, one thing has remained and will always remain same: Our passion for spirits.


Southern Spirits InStore Concept

Why sell spirits only in liqueur stores? Extraordinary products need special locations. Especially if you can taste it on the spot and also get the right tonic. With a drink glass at hand, shopping is even more fun. With our InStore Concept, we bring a new shopping experience to your store for your customers.


Interested? Then contact us at:
0800-7222555-1 (Toll free from Germany)


Southern Spirits Management

Akasha Jethwa
Business Development & Sales

Atakan Aksu
Marketing & Events