The Distillery- BUSS


BUSS N°509 has definitely a special place in the vast world of gin. It's the creative, extraordinary approach that leads to delicious full aromas with a subtle touch of fruit and herbs while retaining the original colors of the ingredients. A modern concept full of traditional quality.

Serge Buss, a gastronomy professional with a passion for new and exciting flavors, opened in 2013 the first gin& tonic bar of Antwerp: Bar Bounce. His experiences and the opinions of his guests were the perfect hints for new creative ideas and recipes, which helped him to develop his gins.

In late 2013, he developed the recipe and maceration process for his first gin: BUSS N°509 Raspberry Gin. It was the first for the Author Collection, which was followed by Pink Grapefruit, White Rain, Elderflower and Persian Peach gins.

The gins of the BUSS N°509 Author Collection are all made with fresh fruits and herbs. The color and the taste are the outcome of a natural maceration process with fresh ingredients. The result is a series of gins that are delightfully full and sophisticated in flavour.

In 2015, Sydrome Tonic became the first Belgian premium mixer in the market. Raw Tonic was the beginning and then Velvet, Grapefruit and Sweet Roses followed. The basis for the development of the tonics was the feedback and ideas of Bar Bounce's professional bartenders. This made Sydrome Tonics definitely one of the most extraordinary products in the world of tonics.

The idea for Shack Rum started in the summer of 2014. Serge had a feeling that Rum might be the next drink on the spot after the gin. This was quickly confirmed by the Bar Bounce customers. It took some experimenting to find the right foundation and to assemble the right flavors, to create something special.

Finally, in February 2015, Shack Super Spiced Rum was released. And; in 2018 Shack Rum Orange and Shack Rum Honey will follow it. Amazing newcomers!

The Choice Cut Collection was released in 2016 with 3 classic gins with a certain twist, addressed to all mixology professionals and gin connoisseurs.

The gins of Choice Cut Collection are the result of combined craftsmanship, established product know-how and infamous drive towards experimentation. Perfect examples of BUSS Spirits excellence.

All gins are distilled in the finest handwork. No machines are used, and no additives (like sugar, colorants or artificial flavors) are added.

BUSS N°509 is a treat for all gin enthusiasts and a wonderful base for bartenders. Each of these creations is a superb distilled product, characterized by the unusual and ingenious BUSS twist and a strong focus on professional quality.