Twelve Keys No:33 Gin

Twelve Keys No:33 Gin

Twelve Keys gin takes inspiration from the notorious works of Basil Valentine of 1599, early alchemists and the history of distillation, unlocking a gin that embraces the here and now. The collaborative 1599 book contains twelve keys (or steps) showing the process of turning base metals into precious ones, the Philosopher’s Stone. Alchemists also believed that an elixir of life could be derived from it.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the intriguing balance of twelve carefully chosen botanicals.

The twelve botanicals in Twelve Keys Gin were chosen to reflect four moments in time in early alchemy, with each moment inspired by the journey of alchemy over one millennia, and core to the story of Modern Gin. Each moment, or quarter, is represented by a trio of relevant botanicals, with each botanical playing a vital role in linking both flavour and the deeper alchemic concept of Twelve Keys; taking something essentially simple, and making something really special, through a journey of mind and soul.

Rich honey from wildflower meadow combines with succulent fig, caramelised quince, resinous juniper, verdant basil and ripe apricot as the catalyst for this classic london dry gin.

This harmonious recipe brings notes of delicate spice and warmth from caraway, frankincense and cinnamon, and the subtle earthy undertones of orris, gentian and angelica root, to create a full, distinct flavour.

Good things happen when you indulge the unexpected.