U’Luvka is the recreation of a legendary royal elixir of the famous polish alchemist Sendivogius. Embracing the  500 years old traditions, U’Luvka is restyled with modern distillation techniques.


U’Luvka is a subtle, eerily round vodka with a slight sweetness and a subliminally fine hint of anise. Its character is strikingly straight and honest, yet marked by beautiful autonomy and extraordinary purity. Made from a mix of rye, wheat, oats and barley grains, U’Luvka Vodka is focused on being a very light, sweet and clean spirit. The nose reflects this focus with very subtle cereal/grain notes, and light vanilla with a slightly sweet undertone. The entry is very soft and sweet with some floral notes. These sweet floral notes are supported by an undertone of lightly sweet grain. Its long and smooth finish is wonderfully balanced on the palate, which makes U’Luvka one of the most impressive vodkas and an icon for the Polish art of distillation.

U’Luvka’s design is an homage to ancient alchemy. Alchemy is about transformation, and every transformation involves the balance between opposites: light and dark, negative and positive and the dance of man and woman, which is the dance of life. And, the U’Luvka bottle is the balance between male & female, with the rounded base representing the ‘female’ and the elegant neck representing the ‘male’. The U’Luvka logo is an alchemical sign combining the glyphs for spirit, soul, man and woman… And of course, the U’Luvka glasses are legless to spend more time together with beloved ones; sticking to the U’Luvka’s origin. And when you combine all these together, it reflects the uniquely human experience of friendship. This combination underlines the noble attributes of U’Luvka.

Since its launch in 2005, this splendid vodka has won over 70 international awards both in quality and design; including San Francisco World Spirits Competition and International Wine and Spirits Competition.

"In an endless sea of new vodkas in the market, the U'Luvka Vodka is a unique. It seems that most if vodka distilleries are interested in quick success rather than creating a high quality product. At the end of the day, the key to success is a great vodka created with passion, taste, friendship and love. "

Simon Clifffard
Founder of Class Magazine